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Plastyx Mold Remediation

Shielding Chicago, Ensuring Purity in Every Nook!


Plastyx Mold Remediation


1628 W Adams St,
Chicago Illinois 60612
United States


(773) 300-2956

Discover unparalleled mold solutions with Plastyx Mold Remediation, your dedicated ally against mold-related challenges in Chicago. Specializing in navigating through the intricacies of insurance claims for mold damage, we stand as your robust shield against potential financial strains. Our team is able to detect and eliminate hidden threats in your property, such as basement mold. Zeroing in on toxic mold remediation, we assure the meticulous elimination of harmful spores, guaranteeing the holistic purity of your spaces. We are committed to protecting your health and the environment in Chicago's ever-changing climate. We combine cutting-edge technology and seasoned expertise at Plastyx to deliver a fortress against mold in Chicago's commercial and residential spaces, solidifying Plastyx's reputation as the city's mold remediation experts. Plastyx will purify and safeguard your environment, ensuring tranquility in the midst of Chicago's busy life.


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